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You may be eligible for assistance with your prescription cost. Visit-

This is something, in my opinion, that every person who has a Part D plan should apply for. It is free to apply and you may qualify for 25,50,75 or even 100 percent assistance. I am in the business to save my clients money and make them aware of all resources. If you need help filling out the forms, give me a call and I can help you at no cost.

For your Medicare benefits visit:

I believe every Medicare beneficiary should visit this site. Here you will find a large amount of helpful information.

If you need a coupon for your medicines visit

As I have said, I truly believe in helping people. So if you have a medicine that is expensive or is not covered by your plan, this site offers coupons and copay help. They even offer coupons for over the counter medications.

You may even be eligible for medicine discounts, visit

This is a card free to anyone that qualifies. Some of the savings on the medicines covered are substantial.

These are just a few helpful tools I like to make available to my clients and visitors. There are many many helpful resources that I am aware of and I would be glad to give you the information. If you need assistance in any way. Please contact me.